Meet The Team!

Our dedication to our patients’ overall health leads us to not only focus on pain relief, but to focus on finding and correcting the root of the problem to prevent the pain from recurring.

The underlying cause for most musculoskeletal conditions involves restricted joint mobility, muscle flexibility, or the inability of a joint to remain stable. Most pain does not come from a single event or injury, but rather a gradual breakdown over time caused by dysfunctional movement. If left untreated, these conditions cause increased stress, irritation, inflammation, and scar tissue buildup to the surrounding joints and soft tissue. Once these problems occur, the body cannot function as efficiently as needed and is forced to change movement patterns, compensating for the irritated tissue. These compensatory patterns (dysfunctional movement patterns) lead to overuse in other areas of the body, tightness and eventually pain/further injuries.  

Our approach to treatment involves 3 basic steps:

1) Identify the dysfunctional movement pattern, the joints involved, and whether the underlying cause is a joint, soft tissue, or stability problem (SFMA, RockTape PMT )

2) Correct the associated joint and soft tissue mobility restrictions  (Joint manipulation/adjustment, Myofascial Release, IASTM, HMT)

3) Re-educate, Retrain and Reinforce the proper movement patterns with corrective exercises, stretching and RockTape FMT. (Our version of the 3 R’s)

And to ensure you only get the best, our doctors strive to utilize the latest clinical research and innovative treatment procedures within their fields to better suit your needs.



Dr. Derek Ko, DC, FMT, PMT