Here’s the scoop!

Dr. Ko has been making great headway with Chiropractic and wanted to share some great news!

In December of 2018, Dr. Ko was brought on as a member of Life Chiropractic College, West’s Clinical Faculty. His work there has been truly monumental in educating and guiding the development of our future chiropractors.  He currently teaches two clinical classes which help prepare students for treating patients – one of which is a graduation requirement for clinical competency.

Starting March 2019, Dr. Ko will be the newest and ONLY Chiropractor on-staff within the LifeLong Medical Care group – a registered non-profit, serving low- to no- income patients. His role as Director of Chiropractic will involve developing and aiding in the implementation of Chiropractic in ALL of LifeLong’s clinics as a means to help battle the opioid epidemic.

With all of these new changes, Dr. Ko’s availabilities will be limited to Friday and Saturday at his private, San Jose practice. You will see the updated availabilities when you book your next appointment online!

That being said, we are proud to welcome…

Ms. Anna Beltran, CMT (Lic# 75832)
Ms. Beltran is a miracle worker who specialized in Lymph Drainage, Relaxation, and Therapeutic Massage. Her delicate and gentle approach to muscle and lymphatic work helps your body relax and heal in the most enjoyable and therapeutic way — a perfect complement to your next Chiropractic adjustment!

Click the logo below to view her website and book an appointment ONLINE!