HansOn Muscle Therapy (HMT)

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HMT integrates feedback from posture analysis, range of motion, and specific muscle testing to pinpoint areas of myofascial tension and/or muscular imbalance. HMT then uses advanced manual technique to treat specific trigger points and acupressure points for immediate relief of pain, muscle tension, and dysfunction.

In order for a muscle to function at its full capacity it has to be able to fully shorten (contract) and fully lengthen (relax). When there is trauma or overuse it leads to accumulation of tension, which causes that muscle to shorten and the antagonist (opposite) muscle to lengthen creating a muscular imbalance. When there is a muscular imbalance it causes decreased range of motion, decreased muscular performance, compensations and over time causes injury to the joints and surrounding tissue. By correcting the muscular imbalances and reducing muscle tension it allows the joints and muscles to function at their full potential.